Demystify the High Register
Do you struggle in the high register of the oboe? Do you blanch at the sight of ledger lines? Do you AVOID playing first oboe, or exploring solo repertoire, because you feel clumsy and out of tune and SCARED

This three-module course will help oboists with fingerings, voicings, and other tricks to make your third octave SING!

This register doesn't have to be a struggle and a scramble and a panic every time we see it.

In fact, it can be EXPRESSIVE, SMOOTH, and LOVELY!

This course contains:
Two hours of video instruction, a full and friendly fingering chart, and exercises to help you break through to ARTISTRY!

Taught by Jennet Ingle: 

The Five Minute Reedmaker on YouTube, the Unfussy Oboist, author of The Happiest Musician - and creator of The Invincible Oboist.

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